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[WIP] Nomad Guardian UE5

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Hi guys, I would like to share with you some stuff I’m working on.

I made some sketches and decided in what direction I want to develop the design further.

This is not truly historical character, however I would like to write a short description of the character for further design work. The idea behind this character, she is a Kazakh woman guarding caravans, the path of which is like the territory of modern China, Turkey and the countries of Central Asia. This will be shown by the presence of elements of armor and weapons of the cultures living in these places. However, the main direction of clothing is Kazakh national costumes, this will be also expressed in national ornaments.

Mood Board

Very early blockout

I simulated some elements of clothing and worked on the shoulder armor

Face is not really done, I'll refine it late in Blender and Unreal, but I like how it’s feeling

At the moment I'm still collecting a lot of references to create a decent design, so some things might change. Later I want to add a quiver and a bow on the front and a sword on the back.
I'm also thinking about the headdress.


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