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Top Tier 3D Sculptor for 3D Printing Required

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Hello there. My name is Benny - Please READ the description. If you do not provide all of the requirements, your message may be disregarded

We are currently looking to engage in long term services of a top tier 3D sculptor to join our team for regular work. 

- Should have several years experience in the industry
- Should not be an agency. We want to work with individuals
- You should have experience in creating specifically high-fantasy monsters, characters, etc
- You should be able to work on deadlines and you're reliable. Unreliable time schedule please don't apply, this is an organized project and we need it to have the right attention given to it

- Prices for your models
- At least 10 examples of previous sculpts you have done either for yourself or as commission
- Your availability in the next 2 months
- Your time zone

Thanks everyone!
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