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Looking for 2D Scene Artist

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arcaneminis polycounter lvl 2
Hello there! We are looking for 1-2 new scene artists to help us produce content for our D&D / Fantasy monthly content we put out to our subscribers

Timeline for each piece will be between 2-3 weeks (quicker if you can!) A certain level is required and they will need to be kept in line with the current style we have from our current artists.

Here are some examples of the art we have and your pieces must emulate this style / render amount

Without the following, your submission may be ignored:
  • Please provide 3-5 examples of your art 
  • Please provide a price for your pieces (if they are different prices for each example, please be specific)
  • Please provide your current schedule and if you are able to commit to at least 1 piece per month.
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