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Antinun - Back & Forth Challenge

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Link to the work in Artstation >> ArtStation - Antinun - Back & Forth Challenge (Marmoset Viewer in the artstation link)

This is for the April to May Artstation Back and Forth Challenge 2023 (3D Realtime Character Entry). Concept base on Julie Lafeuille 2D Concept Character for that Challenge (
I entered the challenge kinda late. Started on 11th May and submitted on 30th May. It was interesting challenge for me. Next time I am going to enter new challenge earlier.
Below is my work timeline:
01 - Proxy Mesh - 3 days
02 - Hipoly Mesh - 10 days
03 - Lowpoly, Unwrap, Bake, Quick Rig and Skin Weight Cleanup - 4 days
04 - Texture - 1 day
ZBrush - Mostly for sculpting and finalize the highpoly
Blender - Bit of sculpting, Retopology, Sub-D modeling, Cloth Simulation, Unwrap, UV Packing, Skin Weight Cleanup, Texture planning
Marmoset - Baking and Presentation
Substance 3D Painter - Texturing
Krita - Texture fixes
Accurig - Quick RIg

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