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"Forgotten grove", personal project

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This is the house design I created for my personal project "Forgotten Grove". Throughout the process, I experimented with various iterations until I arrived at a solution that blends natural elements with structural components, all while maintaining the essence of a fruit-inspired concept.

Arbor's mission uncovering the world's rarest fruits and their distinctive attributes. Arbor's curiosity drives him to study and explore the realm of new fruits and their remarkable properties. He writes everything he discover about trees, fruits and their uses in his encyclopedia.
Arbor visits new forests, hidden groves, and mysterious caverns where he and Calèo uncover new fruits. These fruits serve as crafting materials, enabling them to create weapons, armor, and beverages that are crucial for their  journey through dangerous places.

Calèo is Arbor's faithful companion, it possesses the role in assisting him in the pursuit of fruits and their seeds. As a granivorous creature, Calèo has a saliva infused with acidic properties that allows it to consume the fruit, revealing the seeds.

Within my project, I've undertaken visual development that revolves around the concept of fruits as crafting materials. Each fruit possesses distinct properties and uses, meticulously documented by Arbor in his Encyclopedia. Arbor collects seeds, planting them to foster growth and expand his research.

The illumination of lanterns and streetlights is sustained by a fruit. This particular fruit possesses the ability to emit glow for extended durations, ensuring luminosity throughout the surroundings.

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