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[WIP] MGS-Styled Compound Environment

Hello! I'm creating an environment piece of an advanced military compound for my portfolio. Something in the style of the motherbase from MGSV or the tanker incident from MGS2. Many of my reference photos are derived from these games, but also some from Battlefield 2042 and Cyberpunk 2077. I want the environment to give the impression of an advanced facility while showing a technically impressive yet insignificant corridor and security room, like something you would happen across in a game that alludes to the greater purpose of the facility. The environment shows a security room across from a small collection of servers surrounded by a security gate.

I just want to show off my progress in this thread and ask for criticisms and advice. Currently I'm replacing my blockout meshes with proper models. The catwalks and railings are all modular meshes with baked texture maps. The metal trims along the ground will be comprised of modular baked meshes and trim sheet elements. I don't have the trim sheet elements in yet, so there is only the modular meshes.

Do you like the layout of the environment? Does it look cool or illogical?

Part of my reference board since I can't fit it all in a single photo. It seems like most of this game was made with trim sheets.

This image gave me a lot of inspiration for the piece. This is from Battlefield 2042. I like the decals elements on the floor.

Another image that I liked a lot that I decided to include elements from.

A computer / control room across from a collection of servers surrounded by a security gate.

Modular catwalk meshes. I want the canopy of the facility to have a lot of clutter. Air ducts, electrical wires, cable trays, etc. I haven't fleshed it out yet.

I'm working on creating a modular set for the fence pieces and another modular set for the wires / piping.

Some of the modular metal trims I created for the project. I figured I'd work on the albedo later.

I've never worked on an indoor environment or something to this scale before. It seems like a lot of work. Do you have any suggestions about what I should do next / what is the best way to proceed?


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky
    Looks good so far to me.

    One thought it that your scene feels a lot like a ship or submarine to me. I think the pipes along walls contributes to that as well as the style of railing and stairs. Not saying this is wrong or anything, just that this is the immediate reaction I have when looking at it. "Oh we are on some sort of high tech water vessel"

    I'm only beginning to go a little deeper into enviro art like you and am at a similar stage in my own project. My plan is to try and increment the entire scene along so that whole thing is always at same resolution - like next only put in basic colors for materials, then refine geo if needed, and before making any custom textures or trim sheets, try to get as far as I can using premade stuff just to verify the ideas look good. Finally if that all holds up, then there should be a nice checklist for exactly what to make for textures/trims.

  • defragger
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    defragger sublime tool
    Nice work! I think as soon as there is material separation, the impression of being on a water vessel won't be there any more. Especially with concrete material on pillars and parts of the walls. The concrete elements could be a bit larger, as these are the structurally supporting elements.
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