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Advanced Skeleton Face Rig Issues, Need help!

Please help me when i built Advanced face
:(( it had fault // Error: file: C:/AdvancedSkeleton/AdvancedSkeleton5.mel line 23315: More than one object matches name: SmileBulgeConstrainedOffsetCheek_R_R . I make sure NOTHING has the same name , not even in groups. And I also run through the Advanced skeleton symmetry checker and cleaner. Please help me
Khng c m t


  • Alex_J
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    My general troubleshooting for advanced skeleton is simply to use incremental saving and save at begin/end of each step of the process. Get error like this - don't undo, just revert to previous increment and try again.

    Can also search the outliner and see if in fact two of those objects appear, delete one and see if that solves it. Though if two have been created, I'd expect that means one of the steps got borked.

    Not very helpful but there was no other answers, lol.

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