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[3ds max] Using bone to stretch via Move, wrong side stays - SOLVED

I guess it is wrong to try to use Scale on mesh during animation. I want to stretch the 'legs' with bones at their base. 

So this is what I wanted to achieve: but this is wrong because it uses scaling a mesh in animation

So I have to do the same with a bone: and it stretches the leg but keeps it same at top. I want it to keep the bottom as base (like above video):


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    Klunk ngon master
    Think I'd use morph targets for stuff like that.
  • Imc7R
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    I checked Morpher  and it still seems to be mesh manipulation. I need to do it from bone, animation in game will not work when scaling mesh besides I already do it in 1st video but with Scale non-uniform, 2nd video is what I want but somehow bone always constraints the top. How do I make the bottom stay when moving the bone? Do I ned to reposition bone or move pivot or what?

    oh I see you mean Skin Morph. I dont know how this works I tried using it but idk what im doing with it

    Never mind I fixed it by creating the second bone also biggest fix was I think I deleted the Skin modifier and remade it because after remaking it when using Scale non-uniform on the main bone (at base) it allows the pillar to stretch, kind of starts a little bit higher than the base but scales from the side I want and I did it via bone manipulation.
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