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WIP First ever mech - critique is very welcome!

For a university assignment, I had to make either a mech, or a vehicle,so I tried to make the Walker gear/D-Walker from MGSV

Please let me know of any improvements I could make to this piece :)

Thank you!


  • Sean VanGorder
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    Good start! My first suggestion would be to make some adjustments to your smoothing. If you are more intentional with your approach to smoothing groups, bevels, weighted normals, etc...you can get much more aesthetically pleasing results without much extra work.
  • Jetstream_Suly
    Thank you so much for your comment Sean! I'll be sorting the normals out soon.
  • Jetstream_Suly

    I tried to sort the normals out as best as I could and then moved onto texture. This is also the first time I've used subtance painter and I know theres a lot wrong with the textures, but I had to hand it in as it was. 

    If there is anymore feedback/tips I can get on this, I'd like to be able to improve it much more and make it look better. 
  • Jetstream_Suly
  • rexo12
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    rexo12 interpolator
    Shading behaviour is significantly better, nice work. You could have fixed up the panels on the side leg I feel.

    The texel density is a little bit inconsistent and is probably too low for some of your close up shots, although the wider shots look good. I'd try and avoid too much of that uniform cloudy red edge wear along all the edges. I think it's supposed to be rust? It doesn't read like rust and is kind of just one of those tells of a digital model. Similar case for the grainy stone-like height detail you've applied in places: metal doesn't wear out like concrete!

    There is also something odd going on with the lighting on sections of the model that suggest the normal maps are behaving strangely. I only notice it on one side of the model, has it been mirrored?

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