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Hot Reload: 50% OFF - Get lifetime access with this exclusive sale!

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Hey everyone!

Earlier this year we launched Hot Reload for Unity, an easy to install solution that allows you to compile code instantly without having to exit/enter playmode (check out our Unity Forum post).

Since then developers like KeepSake Games (Minecraft co-founder) and Moon Studios (Ori and Blind Forest) are already using Hot Reload to speed up their development. And Hot Reload is now also a Unity Verified Solution on the Asset Store!

And we’ve become a Unity Verified Solution, and have gathered feedback from our users. Based on this feedback we've decided to offer a limited-time flash sale of Lifetime Indie Licenses for Hot Reload during the month of may!

While the Hot Reload Indie License is normally $149/year, you can grab your Lifetime Indie License right now for $34.99!

If you want to try it out or learn more, check it out on the Unity Asset Store, or go to our website hotreload.net for an extra discount. 


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