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[WIP] Kruger Intergalatic Drekhen

Would love some feedback on my spaceship that I'm currently working on. It's inspired by the " Spacecraft take off - design concept" by Thibault Girard, https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AN58N, and has been adapted with the stylings of Star Citizen mainly following the design ques from the manufactures of Kruger Intergalactic and Aegis Dynamics. It uses a mid-poly, mesh decal workflow. The interior still requires remodelling, it's currently in a block out form and an extra decal pass is also planned, to add elements like warnings and logos to the ship.

Here is a look at the model itself within 3DS Max.

Here is the cockpit area that still needs some work.

Here is the model with it's landing gear down and the canopy opened.

Here is the current scene of the ship inside of Unreal Engine 5.1.1 It uses the Elite Landscapes Pack from the Unreal Engine Store as a display. The scene is still missing some additional lighting and effects and debating the flare placements still.


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