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WIP - Electric Execution Chair

Hey, I've been making this electric chair for some high-detail modelling and texturing practice. Any feedback/critique? Thanks!


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G hero character
    Hi! I would be curious to see your references.
    A few thoughts on the render (some real nitpicky, oof):

    • Overall construction looks delicate for its purpose. With material widths and construction style using gratings, I assume the chair is more light and water may drain more easily, but I would go for maximum stability.
    • Chair visibly fixed to the ground would underline that it has to withstand force/struggle. 
    • The wood material looks fairly uniform in color and glossy. Can't tell if it's treated, that could add some variation in combination with wear on stressed areas.
    • End grain of wood could show more curved growth rings - else the diameter of the tree was huge.
    • Wood pedestal looks to me like a mix between parquet and boards (thin short boards, visibly fixated), I would choose one. The boards along the sides have some shading gradients going on, some hard edges would help.
      But could leave the pedestal out and place the chair directly on the concrete.
    • The lighting scenario doesn't fit the subject. Maybe darker background with spotlight from top. Some secondary colored light cast from some signal?

    Keep it up!
  • BusterWappett
    Thanks man! I really appreciate the advice and I totally agree with everything you mentioned. I'll make some changes and come back to this post once I get the opportunity. Cheers!

  • iam717
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    iam717 keyframe
    they even electrocuted the bawls damn that must've hurt.
    edit: oh yeah nice art.
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