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Texturing landscapes in unreal engine 5

I'm currently learning environment art and I'm using ue5 for my environment. I used gaea to create a landscape height map and successfully imported it in unreal engine, but now, I'm absolutely lost. I've been following this tutorial to create an automaterial for landscape but it's 3 hours long and I'm halfway there and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. The landscape is not a huge part of my project since it's just a portfolio piece and the scene is focused on a gas station and the landscape is just the background with no real use so I don't wanna spend this much time on it. It's also getting extremely complicated which is not what I wanted. I'm coming back to ue after a long time and using ue5 for the first time and there's no quixel create blend material option anymore? I'm just looking for an easy way to texture my landscape with 2 or 3 layers and that can preferably use height data to automatically texture the landscape but is still paintable. Are there any resources or any simple way to do this?


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