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[WIP] Artstation challenge - Medieval back & Forth

Hello there !
I'm doing the artstation challenge, character category. I'm actually on the sculpt, and I was thinking of the texturing phase, more gloablly the style I'm gonna make for this artwork. I'm actually a bit of hesitating between two aethetics : half PBR half hand-painted in a Shiro games-ish style, or full hand-painted ?
What do you think, any suggestions ?


  • Vertrucio
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    Vertrucio greentooth
    You might need to sculpt in the details on his shoulder/vest thing, if you're going PBR. The puffy upper arms on the sculpt don't quite match the concept, where the concept indicates that the folds between the puffed up areas are overlapping folds that don't affect the shape as much as you've cut into the sculpt, if you go with hand painted, you might not need to sculpt those in.
  • Happleerrom
    Hi Vetrucio, I forgot to tell that the sculpt is actually not finished, and yea completely agree ! I'm actually doing these details.
    Interesting for the folds on the upper arm, Now you're telling this it makes sense, I'm gonna change those. Thanks for your feedback !
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