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Feedback and help for a beginner with a 3D head sculpt

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Hello, I am a new user and this is my first post. I am still a complete beginner in sculpture. I have only been sculpting for 2 months. I already modeled a body and now I'm trying to sculpt a female head in Zbrush. I got to this level by watching a lot of tutorials and material references, but now I've reached a point where I feel very stuck and don't know exactly what to do to keep improving. Advice from more experienced artists would be a great help.

url obj file:  https://mega.nz/file/2Nw02RaT#9j70xaQ3D5SbgqZ4uAjTLV9Z0iJF6Smytcvhxn1Fvlg


  • HarlequinWerewolf
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    HarlequinWerewolf interpolator
    Honestly, this is pretty good for only 2 months in! Can you share your references? Your sculpt is a bit lumpy and I think you need to go back to the primary forms. I recommend getting the planes of the face in really solidly before moving on. The skull is also a really weird shape; it shouldn't go up as much as it does. 

  • kanga
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    kanga ngon master
    Face planes above is a great piece of advice! You can also use a program like Daz as reference on a screen next to you while you work. If the work above is for training then I don't think concentrating on just a head for such a long time is a good idea. You should be making a lot of figure sketches to get comfortable with the whole subject.

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