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Authority - Game Cinematic/ Gameplay - CHARACTER ANIMATORS NEEDED


Final Year University Project Thread

Our core team:
Louise Oliver - Environment Artist, general things in UE5
Jack Lamb Wales - Character Artist, Rigging, Animation

Andrew Jara - Acting

Story Synopsis:
The world of Authority is an alternative version of our own where everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Petty wars have consumed many nations of the world; trade links have been severed and economies have collapsed. Pollution has made the air itself toxic and most farmland is no longer usable. Years of humanity struggling with new challenges has led to unrest and collapse with very few governments and organizations managing to survive the turmoil, those that have are corrupted by this new world brutally enforcing their authority.

The UK weathered the new world better than most, with it still having a government however in order to preserve what it could draconian measures had to be taken, called "The Adjustment“. What was left of the UK would be organized into ‘’The Authority’’, whose purpose was to preserve humanity through authoritarian means. Many tried to protest but were lobotomized. Any ideological belief that contradicted the Authority’s Mandate was banned; The symbols of the old world died. The Authority has brought order and is seen by those that uphold it as the only way humanity can survive.

Hello, Louise here. If you know Maya and want to animate for this project send a reply or message me :). Even better if you send us a little reel of your work. 

Take a look at the images below to get a better feel of what this game is like

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