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[UE5} Abyss Blade

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Hey all, I recently finished this sword (original concept by Maeve B, Link to the original concept here. I did this with permission and as part of a assignment for my school. So I just wanted to show case this here because why not?

Link to the full project here on my Artstation page :) (also all the cool videos are there!)

The highpoly was sculpted fully in ZBrush, except for the hilt. Due to the complexity I figured I would poly model the shape of the mesh in Blender and then bring it into Zbrush for retopo and then smoothing out/defining the features. Besides that and the scales, the rest wasn't too much of a problem.

I did get carried away with the optimization aspect and that cost me a bit in terms of display. That said lesson learned, and I ended up adding a bit more polys to the sword to round out the edges of the blade. Thankfully it wasn't too hard of a fix but the additional polys saved the edges of certain parts of the actual blade.

I also seperated the glowing bits and the metal pieces to later on apply a mystical orb shader on top just to give the blade more flair :) in the end that part was really fun. However, what was a real challenge was balancing PBR texturing with a more stylized handpainted look, in an attempt to stay true to the concept (as best I could.)

Overall, I enjoyed this project a lot! there were a lot of challenges but the reward of seeing it all come together and look great was worth it. Hope you all enjoy.



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