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[WIP] Modular Viking Home

Hi everyone! I am currently in an advanced modeling class and we are learning about building modular environments. I am currently working on this viking home and would love any feedback! I am still blocking some things out and are working on moving into more detail. It is currently in Unreal as well. Below I will post my reference, modular breakdown, in progress trim sheet (I plan to take it into zbrush to damage it more), my modular pieces and props with materials and trim applied, and then the environment in engine.

Reference: Concept by Nydia Ni - though I have changed some elements

Modular breakdown:

Props: Planning to add more props as well, such as a cooking area, fishing boat etc

My modular pieces and props:

My trim sheet highpoly on the left, bake on the right: (ornate details I got from textures.com)

My environment in engine: (materials are from textures.com and quixel megascans) everything that is gray has the trim sheet applied

Thank you for taking the time to look!


  • simonerae
    Here is an update of my progress on this project. I have been working on my materials, trim sheets, modular kits and surrounding props to give more life to this environment.

    I am currently working on going through and adding more interest to my modular pieces, adding more material variation, and more clear areas of transition. I'm also planning on adding a cloth actor to the clothes, rearranging my foliage, and displacing the roof tiles.

    If anyone has any feedback or suggestions I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
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