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[WIP] [critique always welcome] Taxco - Stylised Environment with character

Hello everybody!

I'm working on a stylized environment in Blender/ UE5.
I switched from 2d to 3d some time ago and I'm trying to learn new stuff during that private project. Critique is always welcome! The process is slow but there is no rush :)

Originally layout was planned for the huge city but I've shrunk that idea to only one street for now and I will see later. The actual state is kinda mockup/layout-ish where I'm also testing and learning Unreal. I will remodel a lot of assets and retexture almost all (minus walls) for sure.

Here is the WIP character. Originally I wanted to make them more and have some kind of interaction in the city, but I'm afraid this will be too much work for me. I think the face and body are kinda finished, I will work on the clothes next, but being honest - no idea how to sculpt them properly to have easy animation time later.
Textures are placeholders, just to mark how details would be spread out :)

I'm doing this by nights so every interaction and words of criticism will be always welcome to keep my mind sharp and motivated!


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