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can i get critic and advise on a character head

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im making this character head, inspired by ultron and the ink demon from bendy and the dark revival, i wanted his mouth to close, but it would look wierd so i always kept it open, but i dont like it now and amstuck with the same style, do yuo guys have any advise?

the second image is the ink demon


  • killnpc
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    killnpc polycounter

    For a creative design problem like this, it's important to recognize when it is occuring once it happens again in the future.

    It happens more than you may realize. You're heading toward exhaustion, you have identified two options in your mind and are unhappy with both. A similar thing happens to me when digital painting for too long. What I do is create a new top layer, and start riffling through blend modes and shift hues and values to "find" the answer. If I don't stop myself then, I create more layers and composite modes with modes. If I don't stop myself now, I begin damaging base layers, clobbering nondestructives, saving over files — not intentionally, just due to fatigue and muted frustration. I beleive the reason I fall into this trap of tweaking adjustment layers for hours and hours is because I'm unhappy with the actual brushstrokes or composition or subject matter, the hard stuff, but am tired, and looking to save it with post process.

    Move past:

    1.) Leave it be.


    2.) Scrap it. Make a new mouth, head, or character entirely.

  • zetheros
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    zetheros interpolator

    study human skull anatomy

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