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3D Modeler/Animator Unreal Engine Marine Mammals/Fish/Boat/Ships/Props

Be aware This is not a NOAA product nor sponsored by NOAA..

My older brother works for the City of Anchorage waste water utility, he has joined the outreach and education task force with NOAA on the Beluga Whale recovery

I was asked to make a video of a whale doing some stuff. Well I went a little farther and created a Unreal Engine game out of it in 2 weeks and it was presented to the sub-committee and they were blown away at the potential.

SaveBettyBeluga is about a whale dealing with all the pressures of nature and human influences such as noise, fishing, pollution, and food sources.

I am not a game developer by trade and only worked with the engine for a couple of years.

I am not making any money for my efforts. There may be a chance to get private corporate funding but I am unsure at this time.

I have spent some of my own funds to buy a Beluga, a cargo ship, the landscape, and some of Unreal's assets like the plane that are provided for free.

I would like to get some models like prey species made Eulachon, Cod, Ships,  even get a new Beluga with more animations created. There was discussion of an Orca as a Predator and more things to be discussed.

The plan is to have this at NOAA events at public places which is coming up in September also possibly at Wildlife Centers in Alaska maybe also with the Tribes. They are discussing how to fund the computers for solo players and I mentioned that it is possible
to have multiplayer in a local network with 5 of them.

The quality isn't massively important as the message that NOAA wants to get across it is free work so far.

That is the project and how this all has come about and as much information as I can provide. You can contact me on here via messages and I will provide more detailed contact information.

Martin Plaskett

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