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Fan Art in your portfolio for the company your applying to.

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Lukes3D triangle

I am looking for a 3D Artist/Animator job and thouht if it was a good idea to make portfolio peices that is tailored to the company that your applying to.

For instance, if you were espeically interested in getting a job at a certain company like blizzerd, you could make World of Warcraft characters. Or Star Wars characters for LucasArts.

How much does this increase your chances of getting hired?

I was thinking of making a car commercial for Tesla.


  • sannePaus
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    sannePaus triangle

    Hi there!

    Great question! There are a lot of things people say about what should or should not be on a portfolio. However, something that I found to be repeated quite some times by professionals that work at several AAA companies, is to have relevant work on your portfolio. With this, they often mean that they want to see work that would possibly fit in their game, environment, level(s), style, etcetera.

    I remember watching Riot Games' video of their character art BTS video (I'll link it), and Annie Kwon saying she got into Riot Games as an artist by creating 3D models of fan skins. It's important to know what the company's style, forms and visual language is if you want to apply somewhere specific, like Tesla. Study their visual language, their style, what does their lighting look like, how do they frame and composite their renders? Prove to them that you can adapt to their visual language and that will automatically strengthen your portfolio and argument(s) as to why they should hire you.

    Show off the skill of you adapting to their style and the chances of you getting higher could increase significantly. Hope this helps!!

    P.S. - the video is mostly about character art, but I wanted to link my source anyway :)

  • PixelMasher
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    PixelMasher veteran polycounter

    If I wanted to go work at respawn I would definitley try to have a star wars or star wars-ish piece in my folio, the only caveat of that is it needs to match or ideally exceed the work in their last game. They are much more familair with the visual quality for their game/IP and any lower quality to work is going to stand out way more. It depends on how confident you are, but showing that you could easily fit in with their team and art style is always a huge plus.

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