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To studios professionals, freelancers, general artists.

Which diver version works for you with no issues?

Updated and the usual f-ck3ry has occured and was wondering which of the many drivers where stable, useable, ect.

It is pretty sad that i have to post about this here but, their forums are all over the place and i am not signing up, sadly.

This is my 1st experience with them and, oh boy…Manuel@Nvidia seems to need a break, temp hire a pro or something, fix the issue then give us a working driver then, let him tinker.


  • Eric Chadwick

    What's your hardware setup? CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, OS? All that stuff matters when talking about problems with drivers.

    I personally have not had any issues with Nvidia drivers for a long time. My current hardware:

    • Work: i7 2.6GHz, 32GB RAM, RTX 2070, Win10 Enterprise, Alienware laptop
    • Home: i7-11700K 3.6GHz, 64GB RAM, RTX 3080 Ti, Windows 10 Home, tower PC

  • iam717
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    iam717 keyframe

    Okay great, hopefully i can get stability, idk tbh it works then it doesn't, i think it has something to do with my(those) "new" nvme drives.

    • i-9 12900k (found out i have [001] of this CPU, how cool is that), 32GB DDR5, Win10x64, RTX3060Ti (claimed new, from NewEgg, smelled new, looks new), FullTower - (used my old 12 year old and everything fits, only got what i needed). Did not update for 12 years so, yeah, well needed.

    Might've stumbled upon an issue with substance painter and material configurations (only happens there atm) (maybe its too much, i am trying to do udim texturing process, to work across all uv's on a compiled object, i.e. a weapon/gun)(seperate parts, seperate u.v's) perhaps this is NOT the way to do things?

    Use the ON board "GPU" to watch movies or listen to music and everything that is not heavey GFX, seems very fine.

    Getting complications on certain drivers (newest) 531.58-desktop-win10-win11-64bit-international-nsd-dch-whql - zooming into and spinning the object, perhaps to close? and it freezes everything, about 1 minute to 2 minutes into just fresh reboot, fresh load.

    Revert to an older version anything under the one mentioned and get haults/crashes on exporting textures, i think i found an issue that is probably fixed on a newer subpain, from the color ID, on two different materials, they are using two different smart materials, rubber/iron. I think this is causing something funny and crashing at least the export attempt, issue.(they are both using the same color id and 2 different materials, so maybe some sort of fighting? i have to fix it but was to lazy and it wasn't a big issue before this.)

    Though then this all doesn't make sense since for 1 month i've been using everything just fine, the pc's like 2 - 5 months old if even that,

    Here is a light bulb event…

    Now that i think about it i did lowered the CPU voltages and i may have caused some of these issues… It takes posting on P.C. to realize i might've caused a boo,boo… sry manuel lol :). (you're fired!) :p for real though, i am not the only one having issues if you go to the forums it looks like madness to me.

    😫it might be me…😕
    Edit added imgs: win10.iso is from micro site, just making that clear.

    Can not get into Control Panel at all anymore… after the 1st install. Stays stuck like this img below, i also used the DDU and deleted folders after, in safemode all that. So strange… then i get this driver issue and it doesn't make sense since i got litterally the latest one, i do not get that either but i can still use subs with no real issues so i do not get it. Then ran a benchmark just to be sure the GPU was functional. Just running though all the testing eliminating the could be's.

    Ultra, i need more benchmark testers, but i do not really do these things and if they are paid for i ignore them.

  • Eric Chadwick

    Alright, thanks for the info. I’d suggest reverting the bios settings, and then see what happens…

  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter

    windows 10 does not properly schedule work on the 12/13 series processors due to the efficiency/performance core split.

    I'm not saying that's definitely the problem but given that I've not seen a problem with nvidia drivers in years I would say it's worth checking what happens if you disable the efficiency cores in your BIOS and run some tests

  • thomasp
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    thomasp hero character

    Yeah no issues with Nvidia drivers here either in ages. Like, decades. I never 'get latest' though, always one or two releases behind and do a quick google for known problems with those versions.

    Computer rebooting when being stressed might also be a power supply issue. Too small for the system or an old one that's starting to fail perhaps?

  • iam717
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    iam717 keyframe

    @Eric Chadwick Reverted the changes, loads but if i can't get control panel to work… the applications will try to use both "gpu's" and then i might have other issues, so far none atm as far as freezes or craches, tested loading spinning and exporting, 100% HOWEVER i need to get into control panel. Thanks.

    Have read others also have issues with loading control panel, i do have errors and it seems something is going on with runtimes? the newer drivers changed something i suppose in "requirements"?.

    2nd img is an old driver img still makes the point to the oddness with loading subp, just worth mentioning again, can still use things haven't run into oddities, just annoying. @thomasp got like the last 15 versions of drivers just to figure this out, i got recent because i figured they fixed things, thanks. @poopipe have yet to try this if i run into anything i will then try this, thanks. Is gina the version of GPU? like a product name/title?

    Looking into the issues across the net to the control panel issue, got a few things to try but if anyone knows 100% fix i am all ears.

  • killnpc
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    killnpc polycounter

    i don't use beta/experimental, use latest drivers for everything, i use geforce experience suggested drivers/config per game, and have had no system issues this year.

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