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Low Poly 3D Artist Looking For Work

Hello there!

My name is Syoma and I'm a Low Poly 3D Artist. Right now I'm looking for awesome ladies or gentlemen to work on cool projects! I'm working in Cinema 4D. I have 10 years of 3D modeling experience, also I can create hand paint textures as well (Warcraft style) or make stylized stuff like Fortnite. But my main passion is Low Poly style.

Also I do have experience with:


Substance Painter

Unreal Engine

I'm open for any kind of commissions/freelance work. Also it would be an honor for me to be a part of a team and be involved on a full-time basis! I love to model buildings, props and environment stuff. No characters for now.

I've created several projects and games, that have been already released or are under construction:

Beaten Pathhttps://twitter.com/PeacebreakGames


Find the Gnome 2https://store.steampowered.com/app/1855160/Find_the_Gnome_2/

My rates are $30 per hour, $750 per week or $3000 per month. Don't hesitate to chat with me, because we can discuss anything you may be afraid of.

You can contact me via:

Discord: Syoma#7291

Email: [email protected]

My portfolio links:



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