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G36KA4 Rifle - Game Ready Asset

Hi! I'm an aspiring Prop Artist and this year I decided to focus on creating a good portfolio so i can finally get a job of what I love doing. This is the first piece I created for my new portfolio.

Here's the ArtStation link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/obAGyB

Here's the SketchFab link:

Please give me any sort of feedback about this. From the model to the presentation in the portfolio. Also general workflow tips for props are greatly appreciated.


  • teodar23
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    Cant find much to critique, except for the materials. Metal and plastic are almost identical on your model, i think they should be more distinct here, even if in real life they are very similar.

    Another issue is that the edges are very sharp in some places. By making them a bit softer they will read better at some distance.

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