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Sonja Marovic


Hi there! My name is Sonja and I am a junior animator that specializes in 2D FX & Comp. I am a proud owner of an Animation Diploma from Okanagan College, along side a finished 'RTFX Animation' course.

Primary skills are Toon Boom Harmony (FX & Comp), Adobe Photoshop and Shotgrid.

Secondary skills are Adobe After Effects, character and prop design, 2D character animation

Experience wise, I have almost a full year working for Yeti Farm where I was responsible for FX, COMP and Retakes scenes. KEY/WEDGE composite shots were big ones on their show called 'Summer Memories' and it was all done in Toon Boom.

I am open to any offers, such as Freelance/Part-Time, Full Time or Volunteer.


[email protected]

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