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Mirrored geometry get inverse normals in UE5

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I'm used negative scale geometry for my asset to UE5, but it's always inverting the normals for the left half. Which is weird because I used the left half as an original when modelling the vehicle. If anything it should be the right half that is failing, yet, it goes the opposite way. Any way...

... I've tried all the things I can come up with. I did the model in Maya and there's no problem there.

— Then I tried a multiple combination of export settings from Maya, it didn't work.

— I tried a multiple combination of import settings to Unreal, it didn't work.

— I tried OBJ instead of FBX, it didn't work.

— Finally I tried to look at the model in Blender with both FBX and OBJ format, and I couldn't find the problem.

It's hard to do anything about it when it doesn't even show in any actual 3D Editor, it only becomes a problem in real-time graphics. It's like there some scrap data coming along with the negative scale that doesn't set in Unreal.

I'm thankful for any advice!


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