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[CLOSED] [PAID] [UNITY] [NOT URGENT] 3D modern abandoned small laboratory

I am looking for a 3D artist to make a 3D building to use in Unity. The idea is a one room laboratory which is heavily reinforced but not straight up futuristic, perhaps closer to space technology. The room should be unkept and somewhat dirty but still fully functional with lights. Dimensions should be rectangular close to 10m x 8m with a normal house ceiling height. Very important is that the room will be visible from both the outside and the inside so both sides need to be textured.

The room should contain these key elements:

  • 2 heavily reinforced doors that can slide open. One on each short side opposite from one another.
  • A button for opening each door on the outside and inside
  • 1 lab capsule that can open and close.
  • 1 table wide enough to have multiple screens on it.
  • An emergency lever on the table that can be pulled

Apart from those elements some miscellaneous elements will be needed to fill the room. You can use these links for references:

I don't want the models to be too detailed like in the reference links but I also don't want them low poly.

Job is not first come, first serve and it starts next month. Why next month? Because I am currently broke and I need to wait until I get this month's salary to pay you. Pay amount can be discussed but it will be given over Paypal.

If you want to apply, please send me your portfolio with a few examples of your past work. If you don't know Unity, then I can work around that as long as you use Blender.

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