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Copy Player moves, to possessed Pawn.

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kosmoski polycounter lvl 12

I can't wrap my head about one thing. I want to copy Player moves, to possessed Pawn. And control 2 characters in the same time with one input. Best case, that I can recall - In blade runner 2049, there was a sex scene (nothing obscene). Real person + hologram sync their moves. https://youtu.be/7a1AccLPeDk?t=118 Any direction on the right track of thinking will help me a lot.

Regards, Luk.


  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter

    havent' tried it but...

    presumably you could process the input in your player controller and point two pawns at the same instance of it

  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J grand marshal polycounter

    you can read input on the player controller and dispatch.

    Then, any pawn that is active can manage how it will respond to those event dispatches. You can either pass the key struct with the dispatch, or you could read input actions/axis and dispatch those events specifically.

    In other words, think about the player controller as a broadcast station, and then anybody subscribed to that station can respond as they choose. So if you wanted to different pawns to do the same thing, they could just share an actor component which will listen to the input events and respond.

    Reason I do it this way is so that you dont have to manage any input priority headaches.

    edit: i hadn't read poopipes response before I wrote mine, but I am saying same thing just more words

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