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[Rev Share] Artists needed for Life Sim Zombie video game

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Hello all,

I made a post looking for members a few weeks ago. We need a few more!

My name is Rhys Nunnelly. I am the creator of Alternate Games, a small game company in Austin Texas. Here is our website over here if you want to learn more about us: https://www.alternategamesonline.com/

These are the games I've worked on:


My experience involves:

-Being the lead Game Designer

-Level Design

-2D and 3D art - Figure molding and environment art

-UI design

My 3D portfolio is here: https://www.artstation.com/imaginetheending


Our company is composed of four people: The lead designer, a programmer, an environment artist, and a musician. We've been working together for about a month.

What we need: We're welcoming anyone, but what we really need is a character artist. Programmers would also be welcome.


The game: It's called The Newcomers. The game is essentially The Sims with zombies. If you want more information than that, I can send you what we have so far for the GDD.

The Engine we're using: It's Unity. We just have the most experience in that engine. We don't want to switch over to Unreal.

Our current goal: To complete the "demo" section of the game to pitch the publishers and get interested in the game. The demo will essentially be a vertical slice of a small portion of the game. It'll include character customization, building, management, zombies, and forming relationships. Models and coding will need to be polished and convincing.

Publishers we are considering: Team 17, Tiny Build, and Paradox Interactive

Platforms we'd like to have the game playable on: Itch.io and Steam.

If you have any questions let me know. My discord is RLNunnelly#9485 if you want to contact me through there.

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