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How to Retopologize IMM Brush from zBrush for texturing in Painter?

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Mirge polycounter lvl 6

How would you retopologize and texture this IMM rope made from zbrush to Painter? I'm planning to put it in one of my environments in UE5, thoughts?


  • sprunghunt
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    sprunghunt polycounter

    I'd do it in zbrush. Like this:

    1. make a copy of the subtool
    2. use dynamesh with a relatively low resolution to weld the new subtool into a single mesh
    3. now use zremesher to retopologise the final mesh into the desired resolution
    4. as a final step I'd bring it into maya and UV it.

    Normally I would avoid making a hipoly of a rope like this. I would make a straight section of rope and then bend it after I have made the texture.

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