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I need advice on creating 3D text signs/plaques

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I need to create something like these for a game in Unreal.

I would like the text to have actual depth, and detail because the player can get really close to it.

I'am doing some tests, like in the image below

Turned out nice, but cleaning up the 3D text is very time consuming since I have to create around 10 signs like this. So for each plaque, I have to clean the geometry, UV and texture.

I'am using blender geometry nodes to speed up the geometry cleaning a bit.

I was thinking about having a fixed size for the backplate, with two materials blended by a vertex color, so I can paint the dirt/oxidation around the text. And having a tillable material on the text. Problem with this, is I won't be able to paint the normal map to have this bulge effect on the surface of the text. Also, wont be able to dent the edges on the normal map... less detail in general.

Does anyone have a better suggestion on how I can achieve this ?


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