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UE5 Niagara Fluid Particles Falling Through My Mesh

Hi all. I'm trying to simulate water in one of my environments for the first time using Niagara and I've run into a few problems that I'm not sure how to solve:

  1. The Niagara particles eventually fall through my ground mesh even though I have given it a 'collider' tag and have generated a complex collision. It does flow over the mesh to start with but eventually falls through, which is not what I want.
  2. The water appears to be blobby and globules flow away from the main body of water. Ideally I want the water to stick together and flow together in one stream.

I would appreciate any advice on this and am happy to give more information and provide screenshots. Thanks!


  • сhillyavis
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    Hey there! If it's still actual issue, then i'll recommend you to go to the settings responsible for the mass and physical parameters of your simulation, such as gravity force and other things. Go check them, i faced a similar problem and this kinda helped me to fix that. Not _totally_ fix, but to reduce amount of such cases. 
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