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[WIP] Block-out phase environment render | feedback/critqiue [UE5]


This is my first time really doing an environment render with full planning, reference gathering, block-outs, and setting up specific lighting angles. I usually just make games and focus more on specific models and props rather than the scene as a whole. I've created three rough-draft block-out scenes and I wanted to get some feedback/critique on the scenes. I put a red material on the models I want to put focus on for the scene for the first two images. Additionally, the statue thing in the background for the first two images isn't a finalized shape, but rather a placeholder for something to go back there for the viewer to focus on. The first image was my first block-out setup and I tried to put a focus on showing off the god-rays while not blocking the main view of the back statue. In the second image I decided to use the lighting to bring the attention to the house and statue, which I think made it better, but I'm curious to hear thoughts on that. For the last image, I scrapped the house in favor of having one main focus (being the large gate door). The downside is I worry it may make the scene too boring or bland if it's only the door being the main focus for the scene. I was thinking of adding some small ruined house or guard post next to the dock to add to the ruined feel with the vines and foliage. I also tried to use the vines to help give provide depth to the scene. Another thing I'm a bit concerned with is if the scenes in here are too cramped and enclosed and should be opened up more. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read and provide any feedback or critiques!

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