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PANIC ! SP crashed on save and when I reopen the file there is nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

polycounter lvl 2
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Stensword polycounter lvl 2

I have been texturing this character for about a week... but the file still weihgt 2.3 gigs so I still have hope it can be open somehow but how ????

Also the lock file is still there eventhough substance isn't open anymore... the software version is the same if you wandered

Man tell me I haven't lost a week of my life...

I don't autosave I only save manually very frequently

Plz for the love of god help me recover this

EDIT : I found a pretty recent backup on another harddrive and I found that the hard drive on which i was trying to savethe file didn't had enough space so this is probably the reason. The original file was almost 4 gigs.


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