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Looking for feedback / Character Sculpt

Hey everyone this is gonna be my first polycount post, I have this character I want to develop for a portfolio piece and was looking for any thoughts or critiques. :)

I purchased the male model from J Hill (https://www.artstation.com/jhill/store)

These colors are purely for my imagination to activate before I retopo. everything and export to substance painter. However the thought crossed my mind, "how far should I push this?" I want to attempt to make this character look stunning visually so I have something nice for my portfolio.

The hair I truthfully just had fun with, I could use more reference to change the overall flow perhaps but I've seen X-gen capabilities with Maya, however am yet to touch it.

I've been using Blender (Cycles) for this project so far and plan to use Substance Painter for texturing. However I want to learn and set up a universal Maya Arnold render scene, where I can import this character for a better render. Just a thought though...

Any sort of thoughts I would appreciate greatly!!

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    Hello, great start! In my opinion, it is good to push your personal work as far as you can, even if it will take more time. Some artists have a different approach, create more art and get better gradually.

    At the current stage, I would recommend focusing on some element and studying it further. For example, garment creation. It will be good to start with some theory, there is a great tutorial from Laura from Outgang on the principles of how cloth folds.

    As for the production side of the outfit, personally I do some pretty rough generation of the garment in marvelous designer(It is possible to do in blender), and then clean it, and sculpt more precisely in Zbrush (it can be done in blender as well)

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