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Unique way to publicize artists!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you and yours are all keeping well.

I am posting on behalf of Continuum.Social to announce an exciting opportunity for 3D designers. We have built an app called Cyber Trophy for gamified digital souvenirs and rewards to encourage people to explore the world. It is currently in a popular beta phase and we are aiming for a public launch soon. 

The world around us is full of wonderful things waiting to be discovered. We want people to go out, explore the world and visit its wonders while also having some fun and joy. We do this by complementing these wonders with beautiful 3D objects called “cyber trophies”. Our app is a game where you collect the trophies using Augmented Reality when you visit the locations.

We have learnt from 3D artists like yourselves that non-traditional avenues for exposure are rare. So we have tried to make the app an exciting space for some much needed exposure for artists. All creators contributing their 3D models into CyberTrophy app are benefited in two ways:

  1. Publicity - Clear visibility of author's name and work for all app users
  2. Rewards - Points are rewarded for authors which will be convertible into crypto tokens

For more details on the program please visit https://www.continuum.social/3d-creators You can contact me directly via a form link on this page or by simply clicking here.

To get early access to the app itself please visit https://www.continuum.social/beta


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