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Small environment - Need feedback/Critique

Hello there. Id like to show a small environment I made in blender. There is no subscante painter nor composition in this one. All taken with image texture and procedural ones I made.

I made one with and without volumetrics.

How would you improve this?. I feel like volumetric made it a bit worse than it was without. But the feeling of depth is there. Thanks in advance


  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G ngon master

    Hi! I think it would benefit from more story, looks a bit random currently. Like tracks on the ground from the car, smoke coming out the chimney, something hanging over the railing of the veranda, maybe car is partly covered up, ...

    Particularly the ground could be improved: The pebble texture looks flat, better transition from forest ground to gravel/dirt, gras is very thin and distributed along lower image border, here some tracks would also provide some variation to the large ground area, ...

    Depending on what you want to tell, consider adjusting the composition and image proportions. Before you make adjustments, you could take the current render into an image editing software and explore options, with image references on the side.

    Good luck 💪

  • moshi3D

    Amazing job. I agree with what Fabi_G said above. In the nighttime image, you can't tell so much that the pebble texture is flat. However I find the night sky color to be a bit unnatural, like it should be much darker and possibly have a blueish hue. The image quality of the tall grass at the bottom (of both images) feels a bit too sharp, it could benefit from some blurring or adjusted lens focus when rendering. I see the car has changed direction so like Fabi_G suggested it would be cool to see tracks in the dirt.

  • calzimer

    I made a few adjustement with what you said. Gotta say that the blur and DoF can be done manually in postproduction so I wont use it much but I can make a focus to blurry some part.

    About the flat texture on the floor. Yes, forgot to subdivide so the texture has no room to move.

    I made some fast render tests. I added a basic 3D model I got on internet. Placed there reading a book (not too convincing about that). Added tire track on the floor and changed a couple of details like the floor texture

    1. I removed the whole volumetric that was around the scene and focused it on the background. Also made a new one on the floor that goes up the stairs
    2. I removed one light on top (There are 2 to give the sky and environment some light). With that the focus point is the house since the bottom is less highlighted
    3. Changed the pose of the model. Can be seen better
    4. Removed the top lights, darkening the scnee.

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