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[Full Time] [Remote] [U.S.-based] Looking for 3D Level Artist with Unity expertise

Many Hands SPC is seeking a Level Artist to join our startup team as we build Verses.gg – a digital Trading Card Game that focuses more on creative problem solving than violence, featuring card collectibles on the Tezos blockchain.

You will work closely with the Art Lead and the Design team to create 3D levels in Unity.


  • Create and populate modular tile sets that can be used to construct entire levels. Work within technical constraints of the project to achieve refined results.
  • Create and iterate assets through various stages of development including gameplay blockouts, organic and hard-surface models, different types of terrain.
  • Collaborate with art, programing and game design for optimization in art integration.


  • Needed: Extensive Unity experience, expert shader skills, and experience creating a wide variety of terrains and environment effects (e.g. lava, water, snow, etc.).
  • Different ways of achieving polished results in lighting levels based on technical constraints.
  • Understanding rendering pipelines.
  • Knowledge of 2D and 3D graphics tool (Adobe Photoshop, Maya/Blender)

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary range: $60,000-$90,000 based on experience
  • Equity compensation for all employees
  • Fully remote work
  • 30h/week
  • Unlimited sick & vacation time

If interested, please contact admin@manyhands.io with your resume and either attachments or links to any of your past work or portfolio. Please include both the position you are interested in and your name in the subject line.

About Many Hands

Many Hands is a Social Purpose Corporation, which means we hope to make games responsibly both from a social and environmental perspective. With that vision in mind we want to develop a game with as little violence as possible, and want to hire a diverse range of employees. A big portion of our staff is either neurodivergent or has a mental illness, which is in part why we work only 30 hours per week. We are 10 people at the moment.

About Verses

Our vision for Verses TCG is to reproduce the best part of paper trading card games (TCG) while making the best use of digital technology to reimagine and enhance gameplay.

Verses reimagines the TCG by taking the best of the following games:

  • Clash Royale’s tick-based mana system and real-time pacing.
  • Magic and other TCG’s collectibility and creative deck construction.
  • Gloomhaven’s card-driven adventure tactics and feel.
  • The A-Maze-Ing Labyrinth’s board transformation mechanics.

Players should feel like they have a customized adventuring party that reflects their interests and style, and that they can creatively use their tools and experience to solve game challenges in their own unique way.

Our team members have led or participated in the development of Magic: the Gathering, Legends of Runeterra (the League of Legends TCG), Elder Scrolls: Legends, Pokemon, DC Dual Forces, and more.

Equal Opportunity Employer Statement

Many Hands SPC is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and empowering workplace. We believe that having staff, interns, consultants, and volunteers with diverse backgrounds enables Many Hands SPC to better meet our mission and serve game-loving communities around the world. We recognize that opportunities in games and other creative industries have historically excluded and continue to disproportionately exclude women, POC and Indigenous people, people from working class backgrounds, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people. We strongly encourage individuals with these identities to apply.

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