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AveryGladwin triangle

Good afternoon everyone.

This may be an odd request, I understand. Basically, in a state of complete exhaustion and done-with-the-world attitude, I have decided I need an Insectosaurus figurine in my life. You all remember that Monsters vs Aliens movie from 2009? With the giant bug that turns into a butterfly at the end? Yeah, that's the one. I contacted a 3D-printer-owning friend, who was happy to do the job, but was unable to locate a model to print it.

Anyway here I am. My ADHD-fuelled venture for an Insectosaurus figurine begins.

I need a 3D model of Insectosaurus in the pose as below. The model needs to be suitable for 3D printing.

Willing to pay for your time and skills obviously $$$$$

Thanks everyone!

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