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WIP: Moon Princess Anri

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Princevx4 polycounter lvl 4

Hello everyone,

Recently I have started a new project of one of my fantasy characters, Anri, I am so excited to share her with you!!

I am planning on taking her through the entire pipeline from modeling, sculpting, texturing and rendering.

So far I have already learned a lot about the pipeline, so I thought I would share my progress and get as much feedback on her as possible.

Here is the blockout I have going right now, also, ignore her blob of a hair it will be more refined to better visualize the groom xD



  • Princevx4
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    Princevx4 polycounter lvl 4

    Some more progress on her, starting to add more detail to various parts of her outfit. Need to further elaborate on her outfit design.

    I also fixed some of her bodily anatomy so the clothing fits on her better! Let me know what you all think :)


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