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[WIP] Kato Island

A clan of cute anthropomorphic cats shipwrecked on a small island with the skeleton of a giant fish. You as a leader of the clan need to learn how to survive on this island and provide resources for your village by going fishing and killing various sea monsters in the ocean.

Hello everyone!

This is real-time environment project I am currently working on. I specialize in stylized environment art and my goal is to create an environment of the base island where cats are living. The outcome of my project will be a trailer for a "fake" game showcasing my environment.

The project is made in UE5, all models were modeled in Blender, sculpted in Zbrush, and textured in Substance Painter.

The base cat model was made for me by freelance character artist Emma Lau. I created textures and accessories for the cats.

I really enjoy working on this project! Every feedback and suggestions are appreciated!


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