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Best texturing workflow for a church ?

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Hey folks,

all's in the title. I have somewhat modeled this church for use within a video game. However I am absolutely unsure of what is the correct workflow to use in order to keep it optimized for real time but also be like the original picture.

My first thoughts : Use tileable bricks material for the pillars and the walls.

But I also wonder if I can use a trim sheet although I don't know how well it would work for the wall, since it only would tile on one axis. Is vertex paint also a viable option and if yes what would be the ideal density of verts ? Or is it just better to use decals ?

Thanks in advance for any help ! :)


  • Raphael_Bouch

    Up ! Stil looking for advice !

  • Fabi_G
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    Fabi_G polycount lvl 666

    Hi! Maybe you find some articles in the wiki useful (if you didn't read already): http://wiki.polycount.com/wiki/Modular_environments.

    I would, as you wrote, use combination of tiling textures, trim sheet plus a set of uniquely unwrapped meshes that can be used to add geometric detail.

    To break up large areas textures can be blended via vertex painted masks, mask using second UV channel or a world projected mask. Adding a height mask into the blend will help to get a detailed blend despite low resolution masks.

    Much success!

  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter

    Depends on a ganre. But genrally it's tilable materials first , then macro materials with unique unwrap for unique color variations or vertex paint and unique AO depending on engine , then decals .

    If it's first person game then the unique unwrap part goes not for the whole thing but for certain big blocks you can reuse and tillable materials are gonna be 2 layers doing height combine blending using unique mask to hide textures repeating. Corners decals with dents and alternating corner columns blocks.

    For a distant lod it could be just a separate unique unwrap

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