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Auto upload your custom scripts as buttons on a freshly installed 3dsMax in a fast manner?

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StasMikhailov polycounter lvl 2

So is there a way to upload a ton of custom scripts as buttons on a freshly installed 3dsMax in a fast manner?

I have a lot of them in my collection and there is a pain to add them manually by creating new toolbars on a fresh copy of Max.

I thought about some script that grabs .mcr files from folders on my machine or cloud and creates toolbars with relevant names (same as folders) and fills them with scripts as buttons. Maybe you are famaliar with something like this?

Or maybe you can tell where should I dig in (in maxscript) to understand how they did this side bar with ton of buttons in Rappa Tools (important that it can be attached to the side of Max window)?

Or maybe you have some other solutions?

Image - RappaTools_SideBar.


  • Eric Chadwick

    I moved your topic to the Coding section, maybe you'll get some good replies here.

    I found this tool over on Scriptspot, might help you http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/crumena

    Also people have talked about organizing their scripts via the cloud, for easier porting between installs. I'll do a quick search see if I can find those threads...

  • Eric Chadwick
  • StasMikhailov
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    StasMikhailov polycounter lvl 2

    Thank you so much.

    On my side - I found this alternative. Not quiet what I'm looking for but very close. TheDuck.

    Also I'll try just to collect all my scripts in the rollout with lots of buttons that have the ability of docking on the side of UI.

    Docking Maxscript Rollouts. https://davyroelstraete.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/docking-maxscript-rollouts-in-the-ui/

  • StasMikhailov
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    StasMikhailov polycounter lvl 2

    I created this test rollout with buttons and it automatically docks at a left side of ui. I put it in stratup scripts folder and now I'm really interested why it does not appear in ui at max start? I'm totally new to scripting so maybe I just missed some trivial stuff.

    macroscript DockingRolloutTest2





    rollout rltDockingRollout2 "DockingRollout2" width:136 height:360


    button 'btn11' "Button" pos:[10,0] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn13' "Button" pos:[10,24] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn14' "Button" pos:[10,48] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn15' "Button" pos:[10,72] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn16' "Button" pos:[10,96] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn18' "Button" pos:[10,144] width:63 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn18_a' "Button" pos:[73,144] width:63 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn19' "Button" pos:[10,168] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn20' "Button" pos:[10,192] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn21' "Button" pos:[10,216] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn22' "Button" pos:[10,240] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn23' "Button" pos:[10,288] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn24' "Button" pos:[10,312] width:126 height:24 align:#left

    button 'btn25' "Button" pos:[10,336] width:126 height:24 align:#left


    --on execute do


    CreateDialog rltDockingRollout2


    cui.registerDialogBar rltDockingRollout2 style:#(#cui_dock_left, #cui_dock_right, #cui_dock_left, #cui_dock_top, #cui_dock_bottom, #cui_floatable)

    cui.dockDialogBar rltDockingRollout2 #cui_dock_left


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