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How do you keep the third person Camera follow the character relative to its size?

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Im working with unreal 5, and Im trying to make my third-person character smaller by pressing a button so that the camera also follows the character relative to its size and acts the same way as it does when the character is the proper size rotation and transformation-wise. Since the character size difference is significant, the character tends to look like a dot on the screen. Also, since I changed the character size, it affected the speed. I tried to use crouch and set the value lower than 300, but I could not jump after that.


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    two things

    1 : camera boom length determines how far from the player the camera is - moving it around will mess with pivots and break your rotations

    2 : it might be an idea to explain all the things you want to happen when you press the button as well as all the things you don't want to happen.

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