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[WIP] - MP5 Wood Furniture Set

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IgroMaks polycounter lvl 6

Hello! After a loooong time without making a personal work I decided to finally return. And of course I can't go without a challenge, I want to make it full game-ready with textures in about 20-25 days (excluding rendering). Usually I have about 6 hours of free time but I don't think I will spend every one for this project.

Here I wanted to make something interesting in texturing but easy in shapes so I picked modifier MP5 with some wooden elements and a scope.

My main reference which I really like:

After a while I collected everything I need for my refboard to start working. I was very lucky to find reference in excellent quality from auction websites. Currently my refboard looks like this:

Day 1

In day 1 I made a blockout with some basic elements (the scope is yet to be made). And here is the result I got after 4 hours:

I do like the result so far, everything looks right in terms of proportions thou I could do this faster if wouldn't decided to make a handle as a semi-final version with the SubD :D

Day 2

Today I finished blockout for everything including scope and started working on adding details. For now I'm trying to stay as non-destructive as possible. Also I'm thinking about adding a belt to the right side as it looks kinda empty right now comparing to the left. But I'm not sure yet, I'll see after I finish highpoly. 


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    IgroMaks polycounter lvl 6

    Hello! A good weekend is the one that you can spend on anything you want without any regrets and blaming yourself about wasting your precious time (like I did a lot not so long ago xD). Mine is spent working on this project. Today I started my most favorite part - detailing and preparing for highpoly.

    Spent around 7 hours today, that makes total 15 hours for this project

    My pipeline here is boolean everything in Blender (while keeping them as modifiers of course) then send all these booleans to ZBrush, set creases and activate Dynamic SubDiv when I'm happy with all proportions, positions and shapes. That way I have plenty of room to manipulate with everything in non-destructive way until LowPoly stage when I'll apply all booleans and clean geometry.

    Today I focused mainly on front parts: barrel, muzzle, front sight, bolt carrier and handguard. But at the end of the day I also started working on upper reciever.

    So far so good, everything goes smoothly and I'm happy about that. Hard part thou was the handguard because this wooden piece is a custom modification so it is very hard to find good references I need.

    The whole model looks like this. It's not very noticable if you compare with previous day but there is a lot of tweaks here and there as well as finalizing details at the front part.

    Thanks for reading, stay tuned and subscribe, we're just starting! Have a good day/night!

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    IgroMaks polycounter lvl 6

    Day 4

    Hello! It always sad to know that weekends are already ended and I hope they were as productive as mine. I finished detailing everything I planned for today: upper and lower recievers, handle, trigger and a stock connector. I think one of the hardest parts is finished now which means we are close to finish. 

    Another 7 hours spent so it's now 22 hours total for this project

    Initially I didn't plan to model any interior pieces but in process I noticed that some parts are visible from outside so I decided to make them as well. I will spend some additional time for this but the result should be amazing when every piece is on it's place.

    So far I'm really enjoying the process, can't wait to start texturing this :D

    That's all for today, I wish you all good start of a new week!

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    IgroMaks polycounter lvl 6

    Day 5

    Hi! Mondays can be hard and I'm no exception for that. Was busy with some IRL stuff and had a little time for this project plus today I started working on something I really hate - magazine. Don't know why but I'm always struggling with them. Thou right now overral look is great and looks like a complete gun finally.

    Plus 4 hours from today and now it's 26 hours total!

    I think final Highpoly will be ready in about 2-3 days or so and then everything will go faster, technical stages such as Lowpoly, UV and Bakes are very easy for me but of course kinda boring. Well, actually I love UVing a lot - such a relaxing process.

    Even after 5 days of non-stop working at my job and on this personal project I'm still very enthusiastic about this MP5, which is a bit unexpected for me. Couldn't start anything new in almost a year but now I'm enjoying every minute of the process and your support is always appreciated and very important for me!

    Thanks for reading, have a good day/night and stay safe!

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    IgroMaks polycounter lvl 6

    Day 6

    Hello! Finally all preparations for main gun are done and it is ready for Highpoly thou I still have to make additional scope tomorrow.

    Around 4 hours today which gets me to 30 hours total spent for this project, pretty fast, huh?

    Today I finished magazine and rear sight, it took me more than I expected but it's fine as I got pretty good result there imo

    It really so pleasant when all things are getting closer to their final state and all pieces comes together into complete gun

    I was really lazy while making rear sight piece so I completely made it with using boolean from the box. Well, at least I have full freedom while tweaking all forms and that's why I love boolean pipeline.

    I hope I'll get the scope done by tomorrow and then I can start Dynameshing and Polishing everything.

    You guys have a good day or night!

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    daffy_ polycounter lvl 3

    Really nice job, thanks for sharing the process!

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