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Name: Agustin Chiwo

Portfolio: https://achiwo.artstation.com

Contact: [email protected]

What can I do: I am a Concept Designer with 3+ years of experience.

I focus on characters although I have also made environment design.

I work making topic research, mindmaping, mood boards, thumbnail explorations, fully rendered presentations and callout sheets for the 3D artists to use.

I studied in the national arts academy and have knowledge on a variety of multimedia software. Since my current focus is production and pre production illustration and concepting, I tend to use Photoshop, Blender and Zbrush on my workflow to make communication with Level Designers and 3D Artists easier. I have worked with a couple indie game studios in the past and gained much experience on the road.

What am I expecting: I am looking to broaden my skills in challenging projects and network with more awesome creatives. Contact me if you have a project I can be of help with, let me know through your preferred way of communication.

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