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Zbrush Extract spacing

Hello all.

I would like to ask if there is a option to add spacing to extraction in zbrush? Let mew explain.

There is mask of human chest.

Out of this mask I will get this.

But I would like to have an effect of spacing between two objects, I know I can use gizmo to kind a fix it but is there any other option than gizmo?

Thank you all.


  • carvuliero
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    carvuliero hero character

    Scale deformer ?

    Extra thicker delete everything but outer shell then create thickness as close to the body as you like

  • pxgeek
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    pxgeek keyframe

    Instead of using extract, I would just inflate (to push as far out as you need) then use panel loops for thickness.

    You'll need to use "edgeloop masked border" and then delete the unmasked points.

    The qmesh function in the zmodeler brush will do the exact same thing. (shift+click and drag to inflate, then regular click and drag for thickness)

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