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I'm quite new to 3D modeling but I want to become a professional 3D character artist... What do you think of my current portfolio? Any pointer to improve it? Should I work on more pieces/artworks? Here's the link: https://www.artstation.com/merengilart9

Also should I include these two? They are side projects I made with a VRoid Studio base model, so most of the work was on texturing, with occasional modeling of accesories.

(this next one shows quite a bit of skin (although no private parts) so be careful when you open it)

Thank you so much by advance!



  • tgm79
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    tgm79 polycounter lvl 4

    From your portfolio It's obvious you are new to 3D. It's not bad, but it's also nothing special. If you want to be character artist focus on characters. 3 of your 5 pieces are not characters at all.

  • Merengil

    Okay, Thank you very much for your feedback! (to be honest I really doubted I would go very far with this, but I definitely needed pointers and direction for what to do next). I will grind for 3 or 4 characters to put on my portfolio then. Thanks again for the help!

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