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Help with opacity map for character

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poohchung polycounter lvl 5

so i have this opacity map which works in marmoset and other programs but in unreal i cant seem to get it work,even after watching and googling lots of tutorials.In material opacity channel is locked.when change to transcluent or masked,other maps are locked and the whole character becomes transparent.Being such a mainstream game engine,why is there no straightforward system for transparency?Any workaround please help.

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  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter

    It's a bad idea to use a translucent material on your whole object. Apply a separate material to the triangles that will need translucency and make that one translucent.

    There are several types of translucent material in unreal - they all have some sort of compromise. I'd suggest reading the documentation.

    This is the case in all modern engines btw.

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